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Chart for Full Moon on December 4th 2006

Full Moon on December 4th 2006
4:25 PM PST

Rising Sign is in 13 Degrees Gemini

Sun is in 12 Degrees Sagittarius.

Moon is in 12 Degrees Gemini.

Mercury is in 25 Degrees Scorpio.

Venus is in 22 Degrees Sagittarius.

Mars is in 29 Degrees Scorpio.

Jupiter is in 02 Degrees Sagittarius.

Saturn is in 25 Degrees Leo.

Uranus is in 10 Degrees Pisces.

Neptune is in 17 Degrees Aquarius.

Pluto is in 26 Degrees Sagittarius.

N. Node is in 21 Degrees Pisces.

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Lunar Mansion Descriptions

Lunar Mansion Descriptions
The Lunar mansion feature prominently in some of the earliest forms of astrology. The ancient Chinese, Arabian, Middle Eastern and Egyptians all gave the Moon and its travels through the heavens special prominence in their study of astrology. By dividing the course of the Moon in 28 Lunar Mansions we are able to discern subtle and very useful energies that can support our path in this life time. The Moon moves through each Lunar Mansion at approximately one Mansion, or 12 degrees 51 minutes per day.

By combing the energies of the current Lunar phase with the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the 12 Goddess', the four elements and the 12 houses the Lunar Mansions can help us zero in on the power of the cycles of life on this planet.

Mansion 1: Volcano
Ancient Name: Almach / The Horn of Aries
Influenced by: Mars and the Sun

Like a volcano about to explode or a runner coiled up in the starting blocks waiting for the sound of the starters pistol. The runner allows her energy to build and her focus to sharpen for that one explosive moment of release. The Raw primal energy of Mars combines with heat of the Sun in a creative pressure cooker waiting for a release of nuclear proportions. Release of this energy in an inspired or creative manner will avoid any potential "meltdown".

Mansion 2: Musician
Ancient Name: Albothaim / The belly of Aries
Influenced by: the Sun and Jupiter

The bright light of Sun strengthens your creative drive and when combined with the powerful expansive energy of Jupiter there will be no stopping you. The canvas will seem to paint itself or your fingers easily master those piano sonatas. Your creative energies and power of the Divine or in complete harmony. If you have the courage to reach for that brass ring, more than likely it will be there waiting for you.

Mansion: Palace
Ancient Name: Ascorija / The Showering
Influenced by: Jupiter and Venus

The power of Jupiter and its expansiveness here combines with passion of earthly pleasures of Venus. Choose to take pleasure in living the good life as you define it, especially in more earthy or material pursuits and you will have a great and memorable time. With Jupiter’s tendency to increase the power of all that you do if you push the pleasure machine to far too much may turn out to be just that. TOO MUCH!

Mansion 4: Stone
Ancient Name: Alderbarab / The Eye of Head of Taurus
Influenced by: Mercury and Saturn

Here we have quickness combined with slower more rule oriented energy. This can create a focus on the tried and true or the attitude "This is the way it has always been done". Using the quickness and creativity of Mercury you will need to discern whether to travel down the same road you are used to or the one "less traveled". In this case tradition will probably rule the day.

Mansion 5: Wheel
Ancient Name: Aluxer / The Body of Taurus
Influenced by: Saturn and Mercury

Are you in the inner circle? Can you get an invitation? You may well want to at this time. This is a mansion of networking and connecting with others. Your ideas will find more support if you gain the backing of those in positions of respect or authority. Places to go, people to see (and talk to), well, you get the idea.

Mansion 6: Bridge
Ancient Name: The little star of the Great Light
Influenced by: Mercury and Venus

More than just connecting with others you will want to build consensus. Try looking beyond the more obvious differences and seek a more unifying connection. By seeking to walk in the shoes of another you may wish to freely offer your own shoes for others to walk in as well. Honoring differences will build diversity which will lead to powerful new ideas that spring from the energy that union creates. This embracing quality of the higher mind can be the bridge between all that divides us.

Mansion 7: Visitor
Ancient Name: Aldyaras / The Arm of Gemini
Influenced by: Venus and Uranus

Expect the unusual or out of the ordinary occurrences. Think and look for the synchronicity happening all around you. New people will come into your life and offer love or support at the most odd and perhaps weird moments. The people themselves might feel foreign almost alien to you. Maybe even an old rival will be there to help you just in the "nick" of time. Look to your energies of compassion to compensate if you have a tendency towards snap judgments.

Mansion 8: Knight
Ancient Name: Amathura / Clouded or Mist Filled
Influenced by: The Moon and Pluto

The trumpet sounds as the people begin to call for their champion. Hello? Knock-Knock! That champion is you! Do you remember? The energy of great power combine with immense compassion and you will feel this energy flowing through you. Reaching out in support of others even if it is a bit risky personally for you will bring not only great change for those you help but great satisfaction for you as well.

Mansion 9: Pitcher
Ancient name: Atars / Eye of the Lion)
Influenced by: Pluto and Neptune

Two shots of the free flowing emotions of the water sign of Cancer, shaken together with a jigger of the intuition and imagination of Neptune, squeeze in a generous amount the idealism of Uranus, warm over low heat and serve. This is truly a strange brew. Your ability to sense the feelings and thoughts of others and provide accurate and spontaneous solutions for them may cause them to ask "What have you been drinking?". Don't let that stop you. Others will be healed by your insight.

Mansion 10: Fountain
Ancient Name: Algelba / The neck of Forehead of Leo
Influenced by: Neptune and the Sun

The drive to create combines with expanded capacity towards imagination and visions. The gift here is the opportunity to make what you see and discover in your inner visions into a Divine creative expression, to be joyfully shared with others, in this physical world. This ability will be so profound that others may instantly see it in you. The challenge is to allow yourself the freedom and grace to see it in yourself. Seeing yourself in this way will cause a great river of creativity to flow outward from its source. You will have become this source of inspiration and creativity.

Mansion 11: Fortuna
Ancient Name: Azorbe / The Hair of the Lion’s Head
Influenced by: The Sun and Jupiter

The bright and intense creative power of the Sun is further expanded by the presence of Jupiter. This can be a time of great material success. Asking for a raise or making a positive move in your investments will have extra support. Perhaps that book or painting you have just finished will find a generous publisher or buyer. The cosmic dice will roll in your favor and they will be $ - $, double dollar signs.

Mansion 12: The Fall
Ancient Name: Alzarfa / The Tail of Leo
Influenced by: Mars and Mercury

Care to go 100 mph with your hair on fire? Extremely quick thinking joins forces with raw impulsive power. Your mind will race and your heart will pound and you will, . . ? This moon is asking you to think clearly and act with power and wisdom. By hanging onto the tail of the lion you will quickly be taken where you wish to go. (Possibly being dragged through the underbrush in the process). The trick here is in knowing when to let go of the tail and not get bit by the lion.

Mansion 13: Altar
Ancient Name: Alalma / The Dog Stars, The Wings of Virgo
Influenced by: Mercury and Saturn

Sometimes following the conventional wisdom is the best course of action. Staying in the groove of what is tried and true may feel uncomfortable at the moment but it will prove to be the surest route to success at this time. The ideas or recommendations of elders, especially bosses, of what you should be doing will have an uncanny ring of truth in them. The lack of opportunity for going you own way may make you feel a bit blue, but it will pass. The success that comes from doing what works should heal any wounds to your creative side.

Mansion 14: Scepter
Ancient Name: Azimel – The Spike of Virgo
Influenced by Jupiter and Venus

Isn’t great when we are standing center stage when the spot light turns on and all eyes are on fixed in our direction. Unless you want this to be just your 15 minutes of fame you will have some work to do. This is a time of careful planning and forethought. Taking time alone to think through what you really want, making concrete plans and developing the inner strength to put those plans into action will serve your long term desire for success and the recognition that comes with it. Careful planning will keep the spot light from turning off in the middle of your acceptance speech.

Mansion 15: Bouquet
Ancient Name: Algalia – The Lid or Cover
Influenced by Venus and Uranus

Unexpected passion is knocking on your door. This will most likely be in the form of a new and intense personal relationship but could also be a new found passion for a new project such as gardening or other “earthy” pursuit. The power, passion and unexpected nature of the experience could knock you off balance or send you in a direction that in the end may not be as beneficial as it seemed at the start. Stay centered and breathe. Enjoy the passion as it moves through you. But use your inner wisdom to determine if any new direction in your life is in keeping with soul’s path in this life.

Mansion 16: Door
Ancient Name: Alcibene – The Claws of Scorpio
Influenced by Uranus and Mercury

Vanilla or Chocolate pistachio mousse? Choose now! A new way is opening up for you. Rich with potential but unexpected and unexplored territories also involve risk. Use your quick mind and inner wisdom to weigh your choices carefully. Do you stick with your current situation (Vanilla) and its predictable and possibly boring results? What about this new path? (Chocolate pistachio mousse) Its potential is so clear you can almost taste it can’t you? To move forward in this situation will likely mean stepping into this new uncharted path that is opening up to you know. Be sure to bring your spoon and plenty of napkins when you step through this door.

Mansion 17: Sword
Ancient Name: Archil / The Crown of Scorpio
Influenced by Mercury and Pluto

Judgments will be swift and powerful here. Your thinking will be crystal clear, your keen insight will have explosive power and your words will slash through confusion like Excalibur. Will you use your gifts here to serve others and the common good or will the rush to judgment wreak havoc on you and those around you? You will want to speak quickly and your words though well thought out, will have added power and sharpness to them. The abruptness and power may cause others to feel afraid of you rather than rally to the obvious righteousness of your cause.

Mansion 18: Sacrifice
Ancient Name: Alchalb – The Heart of Scorpio
Influenced by: Pluto and Neptune

How important is your goal? How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to be successful? The opportunity presented to you at this time indicates that a willingness to be ruthless in your honesty with your self combine with total surrender in pursuit of your goal will bring you the results you seek. Playing the martyr here will not be the level of selfless surrender the situation calls for. An attitude of genuineness and honesty will serve you better here that putting on a show.

Mansion 19: Two Paths
Ancient Name: Axala – The Tail of Scorpio
Influenced by The Moon and Jupiter

Two similar paths lead towards the horizon and you must choose between them. At the moment they both seem quite similar but your gut tells you that they lead to very different ends. Here the Moon in Jupiter will enhance your intuition and foresight. Perhaps a vision quest is in order here. Try visualizing the eventual outcomes of these two paths will give you a sense of surety now. One you have decided, be bold in moving towards whichever direction you choose.

Mansion 20: Precipice
Ancient Name: Abanahaya – A Beam
Influenced by Jupiter and Mars

Confidence abounds here combined with a drive to impulsive action. New and unfamiliar directions in your life will have extra power and influence at this time. In all likelihood you feel an unusual sense of “I know exactly what I am doing” here even though to others it will appear that you don’t have a clue as to what is going on. You will be convinced you are acting with the wisdom of a sage and the power of a great warrior when in fact your actions will prove to neither of these qualities. Be wise enough to know here that you don’t know. Seek guidance form those elders you trust.

Mansion 21: Duel
Ancient Name: Albelda / The Desert
Influenced by Mars and the Sun

The Power and energy of Mars (The younger) asserts itself against the power and energy of the Sun (The Elder). Time to stand up for your self in the midst of elders, old perhaps out-dated ideas or outmoded traditions. You would be wise to remember the old adage: “Old ways die hard”. Your new ideas or methods may seem the obvious choice to you, but bosses and elders are likely to feel challenged to the point of seeing you as an aggressor, even a usurper. You will feel the “heat” if you choose to stand your ground.

Mansion 22: Wedding
Ancient Name: Caaldalbala / A Pastor
Influenced by Saturn and Venus

Observing traditional ways and practices that served our elders so well will serve you at this time too. There is a time to act “outside of the box” and this is not this time. When we show reverence for time honored traditions or social conventions we can do a lot towards healing the past and make the transition to new ideas smoother and less challenging. Our elders and their ways of doing things deserve our respect for getting us to the place where we now stand. This healing is necessary before we can move and create in a new way.

Mansion 23: Confession
Ancient Name: Caaldelbolab / Swallowing
Influenced by: Venus and Mercury

Secrets could be revealed here that may be challenging. This is a time to when you may feel inclined to reveal your deepest secrets to another with a listening heart and a soft shoulder. You may reveal questions you have that are of a deep emotional nature and if you’re not careful these words mat slip out in front of virtual strangers. (Water coolers will sprout “ears” at this time) If you feel the need to have a “heart to heart” have the patience to do it only in the presence of those who genuinely have your best interests at heart. Otherwise, your secrets may make you “famous”.

Mansion 24: Mask
Ancient Name: Caadachot – The Wretched of the Wretched
Influenced by: Mercury and Uranus

That which is superficial often hides a deeper truth. Sometimes our fears cause us to try and hide and protect what most needs to see the light of day. Our divine self is always more beautiful than anything we can contrive to cover it up with. What does the look of the mask we may choose to wear at this time reveal about where we need to grow? What do the masks of others tell us about where they want to be healed? With compassion we can look deeper, beyond any mask or protective covering without doing harm to others or ourselves.

Mansion 25: Rebel
Ancient Name: Caalda / Butterfly
Influenced by: Uranus and Mercury

Thinking outside of the box is one thing, but can you live there? Are you willing to smash all conventional ideas and modes of expression? The genius of this time will inspire you to new heights of inspiration and creative expression. Those around you may appear to be “upside down” in their old ways. Of course to them you are the one who is exhibiting some unusual topsy-turvy behavior of your own. In fact for your ideas to be successful you may need to move beyond even your own, already quite expanded, comfort zone.

Mansion 26: Prisoner
Ancient Name: Algafarmuth / The First Drawing of the Water
Influenced by: Venus and Neptune

Feeling a bit bottled up? Your emotions may trapped in a prison of your own making. This is a time to be true to your self and with others around you. To break free of that which you feel is constraining you will have to have courage to see that your freedom has always been at your feet. The doorway has already been opened for quite some time and is waiting your arrival. Turn on the lights, break free from your self created bonds and dance in the sunlight. New life awaits you!

Mansion 27: Guru
Ancient Name: Algarfermuth / The Second Drawing of the Water
Influenced by: Neptune and the Moon

Whew! Time for a “time out”. Not punishment for being bad but rather a time for reflection and contemplation. Give yourself the creative freedom to allow the usually hard and fast line between reality and fantasy dissolve into no-thing-ness. See what energies and ideas spring to life in this most fertile of grounds. You imagination can soar with newfound wings if you will just allow it. Ideas and projects that are born of this quiet time will have an inventive and uniquely successful energy to them.

Mansion 28: Sleeper
Ancient Name: Anaxhe / The Belly of the Fish
Influenced by: The Moon and Pluto

This time represents the end of a great cycle. It is a time of dormancy and inactivity. Above all else it is a time for rest. Take the time to turn off the TV and telephone. (Yes cell phones, pagers and Blackberrys) Draw a bath, make your favorite tea and sleep. Allow yourself to dream. No rules, no restrictions, no directions a complete freefall into all things that your life could be. Or perhaps, should be? Sleep. You are safe. Dream freely your self into the approaching newness.

Moon Phase descriptions

Waxing crescent in Fire
Meaning: There is impulsiveness here. A hot blooded spirit of "let's do it now!" seems to have infected almost everyone. There is the energy in abundance here such that even the most wildly creative projects can take root. Even projects that are best left unexplored. Spontaneous combustion anyone?

In Aries: Foresight and vision combine with energy and raw primal power. There is divine energy behind you now. Work with others if you can, but go on by yourself if you need too. Move quickly passed resistance to growth.

In Leo: Take charge, be the leader of the pack. You will want to lead and you will want others to appreciate you for your leadership.

In Sagittarius: A time for travel. You can see the distant shore. And the one after that! Pursue your vision to the farthest reaches of your vision.

Waxing crescent in Earth
Keyword: Investment
Meaning: The Moon moves slowly and careful here. Mindful of what is being created with an emphasis on nurturing and nourishment. Invest your time and efforts here in material things that will become fruitful in their own right time.

In Taurus: You are the divine gardener. You will be drawn to care of the most delicate of projects in a manner that is filled with compassion and devoted attention.

In Virgo: Here you are the Heavenly Boy scout. Remember the motto "Be Prepare". You will be well served by this as you meticulous prepare and structure your project for success.

In Capricorn: If patience were not such an important virtue than we would not have so many opportunities to practice it. Like now. (Wink, wink) This combined with down to earth hard work will serve you well.

Waxing crescent in Air
Keyword: Idea
Meaning: Let's do lunch! This Moon is about the development ideas. Communication and discussions of all kinds are likely to abound. Your ideas here will be grand a sweeping and will most likely require a great deal of working with others and their opinions. Look to team up for the smoothest development of your ideas.

In Gemini: You have a great idea but in this sign it is only half baked. It needs substance. Through research and the gathering of information you idea will become more grounded.

In Libra: You will want to talk with friends, relatives and, frankly, anyone who will listen about your idea. Expect others to want to bend your ear as well. This is as it should be. Your idea at this time will benefit from numerous opinions and viewpoints. Seek out those who may not ordinarily agree with your ideas. Their views will have value here.

In Aquarius: Take a hard look at your idea. Turn it inside out, upside down and even bounce it of the wall. (Gently please!) In short, put heart and mind fully into exploring your idea, its pitfalls and it potentials.

Waxing crescent in Water
Keyword: Instinct
Meaning: This Moon brings energy to emotions, feelings and is a time when new and successful relationships can begin. Emotions that rise up here will grow, with little effort to fruition. Look for new friendships to start here.

In Cancer: Feelings here are strong, but you feel the need to look to past experiences to provide guidance. You will have to decide to live in the values of the past or to move forward. Which do you choose?

In Scorpio: Watch out for that stinger! Passion and impulsiveness rule the day here.

In Pisces: Deep emotional waters are wonderful to swim in. But diving to deep can lead you astray. Be sure to come up for air. Frequent reality check will serve you best here.

Waxing First Quarter in Fire
Keyword: Competitiveness
Meaning: The Moon is half dark and half light here which would suggest balance. But this balance that is moving on in a big way. Like the children’s teeter-totter as it picks up speed when it passes the balance point. The fire element means energy and movement. There is power here to carry you forward. The wind is in your sails and you will want to win.

In Aries: Caution high voltage! Lots of power here. You can face and assertively move past all challenges here. The desire for progress here can lead to extreme behavior in you or others.

In Leo: You may feel divinely inspired to succeed, and in fact, you might even feel your success is your divine right as well. You will anticipate that challenges or challenging people will quickly move out of your way. Like in the movie The Blues Brothers, "We're on a mission from God". If you stagnate others may ask you to move out of "their" way.

In Sagittarius: Your quest has brought you to the "light at the end of the tunnel" and you are racing towards it. It is likely that you will use or hear the words "The ends justify the means". In this mad dash towards what you or others see as the truth there will be lots of feet stepped on even outright pushing and shoving. Remember, how you get there matters.

Waxing First Quarter in Earth
Keyword: Stability
Meaning: The Moon is half dark and half light and there is balance here. The desire to push the balance to your benefit will be strong now. Steps you take towards good stewardship of your project will pay off down the road in a highly successful endeavor.

In Taurus: Get out of the way the bull has left the china shop. Powerful hooves that shake the earth under them carry will you towards your ideal, this will be especially effective for material matters. If you work around bulls watch out for the stampede!

In Virgo: Details, details, details. You know you love 'em. Let's get technical, practical and methodical in our approach during this time. Find what is essential to your project and get it done.

In Capricorn: They say there is no "I" in team but there is also no "U" in alone. Time to team up. Look to those influence to move your project forward. Asking for help can help tilt the balance of this time in your favor.

Waxing First Quarter in Air
Keyword: Adaptability
Meaning: This is a time to closely examine the reactions you get from others about your idea. You will feel like you can never get enough reactions from others. Go for it! Look to adjust your idea based on the reactions you have received. Not the time to operate in the vacuum of your own head.

In Gemini: Expect lots of movement here. Be prepared to expend lots of physical and mental energy towards moving idea forward. You may even travel away from home to in development of your idea.

In Libra: Your idea wills more than likely benefit from the input and work of one or more partners. Weigh the strengths and challenges of each potential partner. You and your idea deserve the best.

In Aquarius: Time to get rid of the "pie-in-the-sky" elements of your idea. Try out some new ways that you might communicate your idea. Think out of the box.

Waxing First Quarter in Water
Keyword: Choice
Meaning: The Moon is half dark and half light here, but don't be fooled if this looks like a time of emotional balance. You will be asked to make a choice here. Will you take that leap of faith into a new and perhaps passionate relationship or do you decide not to go to the dance tonight. There is supportive energy here to create a successful outcome of your emotional situation.

In Cancer: Examine the choices in front of you. Your past experiences may provide the needed insight here. The future will seem bright.

In Scorpio: Feeling a bit pushy? Your emotions will be very persuasive influences on others. There my even be a ruthlessness to use your emotions to get what "you" want.

In Pisces: Feeling rosy? Check those rose colored glasses. Seeing red? Have you considered anger management? You got it! Your emotions and feelings will color your world. What color glasses will you wear?

Waxing Gibbous in Fire
Keyword: Individuality
Meaning: The light from the moon grows and becomes brighter. Your goals will burn bright as well. The energy of single-mindedness. Your train is on the right track and is traveling at high speed now. Just as it is now inevitable that the train will reach its destination, you too, will feel a strong impulse bring your project in on time.

In Aries: Here is where single-mindedness turns to razor sharp one-pointed focus. Your desire and that of others to finish what has been started will, quite frankly, be overpowering.

In Leo: Time to sew on the last buttons or to polish the silver as you fine tune and even rehearse your lines as the show is about to begin. And you are the star. The stage manger loudly and frantically whispers “Places everyone, curtain up in 1 minute." Are you ready?

In Sagittarius: You can see that the time of fulfillment is ahead. You feel a bit melancholy as you can begin to feel inklings of the next project.

Waxing Gibbous in Earth
Keyword: Ambition
Meaning: As the light of this Moon increase your project will become more visible and tangible. Work with this energy to continue to nurture your project along. Continue to implement your idea with an eye on the prize.

In Taurus: The engine of your new project is now built. Now its time to wash, wax and polish your presentation. The look and feel of your project is important now.

In Virgo: Time for the final weeding process. Focus your attention and your powerful ability to be detail oriented to decide that which is essential to the successful outcome of your project. Important stuff stays and the rest gets put out on the curb for recycling.

In Capricorn: This is the time to be a responsible steward of your project. In fact you may feel almost a religious devotion to completion of your project.

Waxing Gibbous in Air
Keyword: Promotion
Meaning: There is more light being shed on your idea now. Being confidant and enthusiastic will move you forward very quickly. Clarity is being called for here. Presenting your ideas clearly now will bring you closer to realizing your idea.

In Gemini: You have a grounded well thought out idea. You have done your research and it shows. Sell, sell, sell!

In Libra: Look for support when you least expect it. What you need in the way of help for your idea will somehow, as if by magic, be made available to you. Expect a miracle!

In Aquarius: If you feel your idea is not quite wild enough this is time to push it over the top. Being outside the box of conventional thinking will bring great success to your idea.

Waxing Gibbous in Water
Keyword: Passion
Meaning: Lots of light, lots of energy and lots of passion. You will feel emotionally committed to being whatever or whomever you are involved with to the desire outcome. Now! Your passion about your situation will drive you to completion.

In Cancer: Your emotions tell you that you are safe and secure. Your passionate nature will move you towards completing whatever you are working on at this time.

In Scorpio: You are driven to act on your passion. You may in fact be quite helpless in this regard. Your passions, feelings, and emotions will be cranked to full volume.

In Pisces: The emotional currents are strong here and you will be carried away with them should you choose to swim here. Like a raging river, these "class V" rapids will not allow you to paddle back up stream.

Full moon in Fire
Keyword: Recognition
Meaning: The moon is at its brightest here and so are you. In this bright light you will see the greatness of your accomplishments. Everyone around you will acknowledge you for the results you have achieved. What you set out to do is now complete.

In Aries: You are the hero crowned with laurel leaves. You wear the mantle of victory indicating you have overcome all challenges. Others admire you for your steadfastness in pursuing your dream. You should too! Take a break, you have earned it.

In Leo: The Moon is a bright light and it is time for you bask in it. Time to accept the acclaim others will offer you. Sit back, enjoy the moment.

In Sagittarius: You are at the summit. You aimed high and you have hit your mark. Your quest has been successful.

Full Moon in Earth
Keyword: Achievement
Meaning: The Moon is bright and full and in its light you and everyone else can see clearly the result of all your devotion and hard work to your project. Your business and financial skills are at their peak and others will seek your advice. There is great energy towards beneficial financial situations at this time.

In Taurus: This is a time to enjoy the success you have worked so hard for. Bulls tend to have strong impulses, so be careful not to over indulge in your merry making.

In Virgo: Your success having been assured you can feel confident of that. Since success is assured there is no need to be boastful of all you have achieved. In the light of the full moon it is already plain to see. If you make more noise you will appear to be barking at the moon. (People will talk you know!)

In Capricorn: In this time of bright light many will see your accomplishments and the success you have achieved. Promotions are likely and important people will invite you into their inner circle.

Full Moon in Air
Keyword: Solution
Meaning: The Moon has become a bright and glowing light in the sky. And so has your idea. All that you and your partners have hope and planned for will come to pass. All eyes cast a favorable look on you and your idea.

In Gemini: Time to dot the "I"s and cross the "T"s of the big contract for your idea. You are in the spotlight now and others will congratulate you on your brilliant idea.

In Libra: Any partnership you have created will come into full bloom. If your idea is awaiting approval from some higher or governmental source you or it will meet with great success.

In Aquarius: Expect the unexpected. Circumstances surrounding your idea will quickly change for the better and your idea will come to into full bloom.

Full Moon in Water
Keyword: Fulfillment
Meaning: The Bright light of your passion is enhanced in this full Moon. All your efforts and the seemingly random events have worked harmoniously together to create a successful outcome for you. You and your significant other are enjoying the heat and the spotlight of your new or renewed relationship.

In Cancer: Here is a time of giving birth; of bringing a new life into this world. Whether it is a new baby or you are experiencing your life being transformed. The light from this time and your creation of a new relationship of some kind you will feel a sense of completion.

In Scorpio: Your new relationship is shining brightly in your life now. Don't invite in the storm clouds by being over dramatic. Further you can choose to not move back into darkness by keeping secrets. The brightness of the full moon will shed light on whatever you choose to keep hidden.

In Pisces: This is a time of complete freedom as you are carried by the swift currents of your new creation. You and your partner will see all that you dreamed of concerning your relationship will come to pass. Seeing each other as equals will make any rough spots easier to pass over.

Waning Disseminating Moon in Fire
Keyword: Confidence
Meaning: Time to harvest the benefits of what you have worked towards. Gather the fruit around you, rejoice and take pride in your work. There is great confidence here as the fruit of your efforts is plainly visible to all who look. Time to tell others about what you have accomplished.

In Aries: Your reputation, based on your recent achievements, now precedes you. Make the most of your strengths now. Build on your victory.

In Leo: Your popularity and recognition can be increased now by building what others have already done. Do this in the spirit of a team effort and you will shine.

In Sagittarius: A time to speak out about your work. Be genuine, forthright and honest and your reputation will soar on the wings of migratory birds. Those in remote places may even hear of you.

Waning Disseminating Moon in Earth
Keyword: Responsibility
Meaning: This is the time that material gain from past efforts will be in your hands. Now that you have acquired the wealth from your successful project it is time to decide what to do with. For the moment put those credit and ATM cards in the freezer. You have choices to make concerning your financial future and now is the time to make sure that your new found wealth is properly distributed in the direction of your goals in life.

In Taurus: Now is the time to promote sustainability of the fruits of your efforts. Think long term and plan carefully. Not a time to risk what you have just earned.

In Virgo: Analyze. Crunch those spreadsheets. Understand you success fully during this time. This is a time to learn and in learning to become more productive.

In Capricorn: A time to share the wealth. Think and act in ways that redistribute your wealth into new projects that will create opportunities down the road.

Waning Disseminating Moon in Air
Keyword: Reputation
Meaning: The tumult your idea has created has passed now, and the check that was in the mail is now in your hands. You have established yourself as an authority and you and your idea receive wide acclaim. Everyone is talking!

In Gemini: Time to publicize your idea. Blow your horn, bang the gong and beat the drum. Watch that you don't go too overboard here.

In Libra: Many people will be talking and will show great appreciation towards you and your idea. You have a renewed sense of confidence as more and more people see the value in your new idea.

In Aquarius: If you really pushed the envelope of conventional wisdom with your idea it is your time to shine now. People will suddenly "convert" to your new way of thinking and you will become a respected expert in your field.

Waning Disseminating Moon in Water
Keyword: Commitment
Meaning: This is a time to experience the fruits of your new endeavor or relationship. If this is a new significant relationship or partnership of some kind now is the time to easily take the next step forward. Having a baby or perhaps opening that holistic health center together with your new partner.

In Cancer: Your feelings, emotions and passions are fully engaged here. Your intuition tells you that you are free to fully commit to your new emotional decision.

In Scorpio: Intense emotion here quickly turns passionate and inspired devotion to your relationship or area of concern.

In Pisces: It is here that you can great and inspiring creativity to your new relationship or issue. You confidant and secure in knowing that this expression of freedom will be well received.

Waning Last Quarter Moon in Fire
Keyword: Opposition
Meaning: the Moon is half dark and half light. But instead of light increasing like its twin the first quarter Moon, here the light is diminishing. Here the equilibrium is leaning towards sluggishness. You will have to make more effort here to get your work done. The wind is in your face now and things will not easily fall into place.

In Aries: You will need to get out of your comfort zone here. Your actions may need to be aggressive just to make headway. There is resistance to change here. In stead of using the "force" you will likely have to become the force in order to move mountains and people.

In Leo: Past success will not serves as it once did. You will have to make effort to improve your popularity and reputation. There is an air of "What have you done for me lately". You and others around you may be more pushy about their status, station in life or position of power.

In Sagittarius: Which road do you take? You know this dance, its called one step forward two steps backward. Cha-Cha-Cha-ing your way forward. The correct path will not clearly be seen.

Waning Last Quarter Moon in Earth
Keyword: Principles
Meaning: The Moon is half dark and half light and this is an important time of balance. This is a time to closely examine how and what you have been working on in order to maintain this time of balance. Assumptions you have made or beliefs you have been operating under should be tested to be sure that they are grounded in what works. There is doubly important where financial matters are concerned.

In Taurus: Not a time to be resting out on the back forty. To move ahead here requires work. Time to strengthen your foundations of the work you are doing.

In Virgo: Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Well, not yet anyway. This time can be a bit perplexing. This is especially true where your finances are concerned. Time for a shake up. Top to bottom you need to analyze you whole way of working and change what is outdated or no longer working. This is the time to sort out the bits of minutia that holding you back.

In Capricorn: What is guiding you here? What principles are involved? What are your core beliefs about this project? This is the time to sort these things out before attempting to move forward.

Waning Last Quarter Moon in Air
Keyword: Challenge
Meaning: The Moon is half dark and half light here. Are you thinking there is a balance here where you can rest a bit? Well, think again! Ideas are as fleeting as the spring breeze. New and better ideas are moving at a rapid pace. Will you allow your new idea to be eclipsed? It won't if you get to work now and begin to improve and adapt your idea. The past is gone. Like your competition you must work now to recreate your idea.

In Gemini: To stay current do what you do best talk. Talk to others. This is how your idea became great the first time. Remember?

In Libra: Look to close friends and inspired partnerships to see new ways to apply your idea. Discuss different applications or uses for your idea.

In Aquarius: Your idea was successful because you broke new ground. Others will learn from your idea and adapt it to their own ends. If you are to lead the thinking on this subject you must do the same. Be breaking the mould you broke with conventional thinking. Can you break your own mold? Again?

Waning Last Quarter Moon in Water
Keyword: Manipulation
Meaning: This is the Moon of mixed emotions. It will take time to work through your feelings on this issue in order to make a good decision about how to move forward.

In Cancer: You feel that things are not quite as they appear and you may be right. You may feel vulnerable or the need to take actions that preserves your sense of safety. You might feel that you are not in control of whatever outcome is heading towards you.

In Scorpio: You feel that something is not right or that the outcome of a situation will not be to your advantage. Your emotions tell you that you must act, perhaps rashly, to discover the truth to the situation.

In Pisces: You don't feel like you are "in the loop" and whatever happens you will be on the receiving end of "Oh! Sorry I guess you didn’t get the memo". You feel a clean break is in order. Rather than working through your feelings you may choose to run and hide.

Waning Balsamic Moon in Fire
Keyword: Compromise
Meaning: The light of the Moon while still visible is very dim. You will have to rely on your inner strength and intuition to light your path. Your gut tells you that forces are at work that may or may not be in your best interest. You may feel the need to gather your strength for some future moment.

In Aries: The fire in this sign is only really happy with immediate direct action. The frustration of this cycle of inactivity will be unsettling if you do not find an appropriate way to quench this fire.

In Leo: During this time of waiting your time is best spent using inner creativity to visualize new projects that will find life in the next or some future cycle.

In Sagittarius: Time to focus your energy on planning future projects. The more you plan the happier you'll be during this time.

Waning Balsamic Moon in Earth
Keyword: Negotiation
Meaning: The Moon's light is fading now. Your project is now wholly or partially out of your hands. In order to move forward you must learn to be a team player. Being a good team member when it is your turn to take direction and contribute and being a good team leader when it is time delegate and lead will be the key to accomplishing your goals.

In Taurus: This not the time to stamp your feet and insist on only doing things your way. Time to learn to be adaptable and embrace the coming changes.

In Virgo: The rules of the game have changed. You are no longer in charge. What worked in the past will not work now. Listen to inner self and allow yourself to adapt to the changes that will happen.

In Capricorn: Time to dust of that diplomacy hat. Not the time to butt heads here. To reach your desired outcome you will need to negotiate and work hard to build consensus. Give and take and compromise will work well here too.

Waning Balsamic Moon in Air
Keyword: Concession
Meaning: Your thinking now produces ideas for future cycles. Minor adjustments to your current idea may be in order, but rethink it completely is best left for another time.

In Gemini: The key here is right timing. Your bold way of thinking and acting will likely only frustrate you now. Keep what works, but save anything that doesn’t for a later date. Timing is more important and paying attention to the cycle of life will help you move smoothly through this time.

In Libra: While you may wish to rush out to the coffee house for yet another lively discussion you may be better served by staying home and relaxing.

In Aquarius: You are very clear about what you think and want. And even more clear that you want to talk about it. However, sitting back and letting others do the talking is the proper course for now.

Waning Balsamic Moon in Water
Keyword: Disillusion
Meaning: This Moon is about preparing for the next cycle. In terms of a relationship it may be the beginning of the end. While our feelings and emotions will be unclear as the light of this Moon fades we can also feel hope in knowing that as all things must fade to make way for growth and new life.

In Cancer: It is through our difficult experiences that we have the potential to learn the most. In our emotional lives this can lead us to make wiser choices in the future.

In Scorpio: There is great energy here and a desire to act quickly and decisively. What appears to be out of control can make you feel like the victim and cause you to think in and act in an “Eye for an Eye" manner.

In Pisces: When the relationship breaks down you may feel that it is time to run for the hills and to escape. You might even want to delude yourself in elaborate fantasies to heal your broken heart. Find constructive ways to ease the pain will serve you far better at this time.

Black Moon in Fire
Keyword: Recharge
Meaning: The Moon has lost all its light now. Cold and dark do not mix well with fire. Fire signs who love action and constant movement will have their efforts frustrated. Watch your temper and that of others. Fire energy will look for any available outlet at this time. The keywords here are to be watchful of your energy and that of others.

In Aries: In this dormant period your impulse will be to react quickly rather than respond intuitively. Forcing yourself to move and be energetic will amount to a fool’s errand. There is a time for everything and now is the time for rest.

In Leo: The lack of something creative to do that gets you in front of others will be challenging for you. Maybe even depressing. Rest now, this too will pass.

In Sagittarius: You dreamed that you were awake, or was it the other way around? Reality and illusion will seem like two sides of the same coin, and you may even feel like the coin. The desire to be flying through the air to some far off place will seem strong now. However, now is the time to be still and allow your bow and arrows to get some rest. You will need them soon enough.

Black Moon in Earth
Keyword: Economy
Meaning: This is a time to save and economize. Allow yourself to rest and recuperate you have worked hard and may have even exhausted yourself physically. Risk taking of any kind but especially where material or bodily issues are present should be avoided. Give your finances a rest too. Time to trim that monthly budget or find other wise to spend less. This is not the time for new investments either.

In Taurus: Time to take great comfort and to feel grateful for what you already have. Home, Family and your health. Sit back in the big comfortable favorite chair of yours is what is best now. You can go shopping another day. Through self-discipline you can still your material desires and enjoy this time of rest.

In Virgo: Time to review expenses. Look careful at your checkbook and decide what expenses you can do with out. Maybe cutting back on a few Lattes’ will allow you to use that money in a more productive way.

In Capricorn: Got any unfinished projects? Now's the time to dust them off bring them to completion. Try and worked towards preparing for the next cycle.

Black Moon in Air
Keyword: Revision
Meaning: The Moon is so dark now that only during an eclipse will you see the Moon. This is a time to re-group and re-think everything. Your projects, your ideas and your life will benefit form taking this time to move into stillness and think things through.

In Gemini: Here is the perfect time to train your mind to be what Yogananda calls "Actively calm and calmly active". In short, give your mind a much deserved rest. Remaining calm in your actions will also serve you well at this time.

In Libra: In the movie Wizard of Oz when Dorothy asks the Scarecrow which way to go he replies "Well some people go that way and other go this way, and some folks do go both ways". Your power to see many different choices will be heightened and your ability to actually choose will, well, be almost nonexistent. Don't go there. Sit and allow divine guidance to choose for you.

In Aquarius: You will want to skydive or climb the Swiss Alps. I hear base-jumping is really cool! Resist these impulses to be you wild and crazy self. Rest. Be crazy another time and you'll enjoy it more.

Black Moon in Water
Keyword: Isolation
Meaning: This is the Moon for deep introspection on the emotional level. After all that has transpired it is time to put your own emotional house in order. This is a time to allow your own well to be refilled by the Divine energies present in this Moon. To become more aware of your own emotions means to put yourself first and to let go of the "requirements" that others think we should be or have.

In Cancer: This is a time of closing off your emotions to outside stimulus. To shut the doors of the temple is to learn to hear the voice of the Divine.

In Scorpio: Allow yourself some time to let your feelings work themselves out through doing some kind of quiet, simple and solitary work.

In Pisces: Give yourself the freedom at this time to let your emotions to naturally calm down through quiet mediation. Then take time to let your heart and emotions soar in confidence as you prepare for the next cycle.

General moon Phase Descriptions
The phases of the moon can be likened to the growth of plants and are useful metaphors for understanding the natural cycles of our life.

1. Crescent Moon:
The appearance of tiny shoots just as they are breaking through the earth.

During this Moon phase we feel the desire to express ourselves in new or creative ways or to create new projects that reflect how we are feeling on an intuitive level. Ignoring this natural drive to create something new can cause us to feel overwhelmed by life.

2. First Quarter Moon:
The plant absorbs energy, grows stronger and the first leaves appear.

This is a time to throw ourselves into the management of the projects we have recently created. It is time to create structure and a useful framework in order for our projects to succeed. This is the time to make dreams into reality.

3. Gibbous Moon:
The plant now is able to fully receive the energy of both the Sun and the earth and the first buds begin to grow.

This the time to fine tune our projects or ourselves to more closely resemble our goals and higher aspirations in life. We have the energy and drive now to fulfill our dreams.

4. Full Moon:
The buds in the fullness of the Sunlight become flowers.

The full Moon represents a time of completion. Our project reaches its zenith and we and it are well received. We are rewarded for our efforts and are recognized by others for our accomplishments. Everything, especially our inner light and power, are seen more clearly by us and others.

5. Dissemination Moon:
The flowers lose their petals and are transformed into fruit.

Here is the time our project is put into practical use. We are able now to fully utilize all that we have learned and experienced. Our results are real and tangible. Life is sweet.

6. Last Quarter Moon:
The leaves and remaining blossoms fall to the ground leaving only the seed pods to dry in the Sun.

Now is a time to integrate into our daily activities all that we have been striving for. Here is when we can refine and strengthen our practices or projects. Consistent work through this time will form the beginning of lasting habits.

7. Balsamic Moon:
The seed pods now burst open and the seeds float away in the wind.

Here is where our emotions and our insight to ourselves or projects have extra support. We are able to see the far reaching aspects of ourselves and have sense of the future.

8. Black Moon:
The Earth receives the seeds which lie dormant for a time awaiting the next growth cycle.

A time for stillness. A time to allow our racing minds to find rest. This is an opportunity to reign in our emotions, and to slow down the pace of our life. It is a time for allowing dreams the freedom to appear and disappear. Through non-movement and cultivation of no-thing-ness we allow the next cycle to come of its own accord.

House Descriptions

1st House: Where we learn about our identity
Element: Fire - Energetic, courageous and passionate
Influenced by: Mars - Drive to action
House Sign: Aries - Initiative, impulse, dynamic action
1st House key words: Our body and personality, identity and sense of self, and self-expression

2nd house: Where we learn about how we feel about our self and self-worth
Element: Earth - Practical, skillful and down to earth
Influenced by: Venus - The desire to have or posses
House Sign: Taurus - Beauty and acquisition
2nd House Key Words: Personal possessions, self-esteem, ability to earn money

3rd House: Where we gain knowledge and learn to communicate
Element: Air - Intellectual, thoughtful and social
Influenced by: Mercury - Desire to learn and communicate
House Sign: Gemini - Curiosity and versatility
3rd House keywords: Knowledge, Short trips, Siblings, neighbors and the local environment

4th House: Where we build the foundations of our life, our home, our family and where we feel safe
Element: Water - Emotional, intuitive and romantic
Influenced by: The Moon - Intuition, receptivity, nourishment
House Sign: Cancer - Our emotions, our ability to feel close to and connect with others
4th House keywords: Home, family, security, foundations

5th house: Where we learn to express our creativity
Element: Fire - Energetic, courageous and passionate
Influenced by: The Sun - The life force or spirit and the energy to succeed
House Sign: Leo - Generosity and leadership
5th House keywords: Creativity, love, romance, children, enthusiasm and how we mange risk

6th House: Where we learn our daily responsibilities, how to care for our health and learn to be of service to others
Element: Earth - Practical, skillful and down to earth
Influenced by: Mercury - The drive to realize perfection
House Sign: Virgo - Discrimination, analysis and service to others
6th house keywords: Our occupation, daily work, health and service to others

7th house: Where we learn about our significant relationships and how to be good partners
Element: Air - Intellectual, thoughtful and social
Influenced by: Venus - The desire to interact
House Sign: Libra - Harmony, balance, arbitration and diplomacy
7th House keywords: Personal relationships, partnerships and those we are close to

8th House: Where learn intimacy, liberate our soul and transform our lives
Element: Water - Emotional, intuitive and romantic
Influenced by: Mars & Pluto - The drive for power
House Sign: Scorpio - Our passions, discipline and mastery of ourselves
8th House keywords: How we share, intimate relationships, transformation and self-knowledge

9th House: Where we transform our knowledge and beliefs into wisdom
Element: Fire - Energetic, courageous and passionate
Influenced by: Jupiter - The energy to grow and expand
House Sign: Sagittarius - Optimism and expansiveness
9th House keywords: Spirit, religion, philosophy, higher education, movement and travel

10thHouse: Where we learn to live our purpose in this world
Element: Earth - Practical, skillful and down to earth
Influenced by: Saturn - Control, rules and applications
House Sign: Capricorn - Practicality, caution and ambition
10th House keywords: Career, reputation, worldly achievement and our role in society

11th house: Where we learn to work with others to achieve our goals
Element: Air - Intellectual, thoughtful and social
Influenced by: Uranus & Saturn/ The energy to reshape and change
House Sign: Aquarius - Originality, rebellion and humanity
11th House keywords: Teamwork, groups and organizations, friends and community

12th House: Where we learn grow our spirit and the mystical dimensions of our soul
Element: Water - Emotional, intuitive and romantic
Influenced by: Neptune & Jupiter - Spiritual Growth
House Sign: Pisces - Imagination, sensitivity and compassion
12th House keywords: What is normally hidden, matters of spirit, spiritual growth, mystical experiences

Goddess Descriptions

Goddess descriptions

Ishtar: Pisces / Water
Just as water is able to flow swiftly around obstacles, you too, will want to remain fluid in your thinking and actions. Stay in the flow. Just as the river does not stop until it reaches the sea be prepared to persevere. Stay focused on your goal. If you need help don't hesitate to ask. Use your inner wisdom to carefuly choose those that would help you. Your major project will likely require much of your attention in order to bring it to a successful conclusion and you may wish to delegate or postpone other projects with lower priorities.

Artemis: Aries / Fire
There is lots of energy here. A drive for bold and creative solutions combined with the keen eyes of the experienced archer whose arrows never fail to hit their mark. Explore being the powerful huntress ready to seize the moment should your prey come into view. Invest your energy in expressing your more sophisticated side when it comes to your dealings with people and projects. Let your power guide you to higher and more creative solutions as opposed to rash or judgmental actions.

Venus: Taurus / Earth
Love, passion and earthly delights are all here and available to you now. You will be receptive to this energy and influenced by its alluring power. The control of this passionate power will also be at you fingertips. Do you allow your heart strings to be played or do you choose to make music with the hearts of others? This is a time to enjoy the good things in life and use your love in creative ways. Take your time here to really enjoy those special moments that may just magically appear. Passion knows no limits here, but push it too far and there may be a price to pay. Make sure you have the cash to pay should you over indulge.

Athene: Gemini / Air
Just like Athene who was born fully formed, wearing armor and ready for battle as she sprang forth from the forehead of Zeus you can expect that new and wildly creative ideas will be a normal occurrence at this time. In fact, your ideas will likely "spring" to life at almost any moment. They will have energy, drive and will be unusually detailed, well formed and complete. The level of creativity and "outside the box" nature of your ideas may perplex and startle others. You can ease this by using this energy in helpful and supportive ways that benefit others. You will find great inner satisfaction when your ideas and actions become a from of service to something larger than yourself.

Hera: Cancer / Water
You are in a powerful position to exercise your maturity, wisdom and patience. Allow your more nurturing side to express the energies of the compassionate caregiver and whatever you are working on will seem to quickly grow of its own accord. Choose to meddle too much and this growth will stall. Now is a time when you can grow your understanding that all the people and things in your life are a part of your family.

Isis: Leo / Fire
Isis fulfilled the role of wife and partner to Osiris when he ruled Egypt. She was also equally gifted at ruling Egypt when Osiris was away. You are called here to bring forth the mastery of developing both your active and receptive natures. Sitting on your throne of balance you will succeed when you wisely choose which of your divine natures to express in any given moment. Be forthright in your actions towards others and yourself. Be prepared to lead the team when you are called to do so.

Demeter: Virgo / Earth
Life is constantly changing. At times, even the things in our life that we value the most will reach maturity, begin to fade and eventually disappear. This is the great cycle of life and it is proper that the old make way for the new. It is possible that what has left your life at this time will return to be reborn into something different that is useful to you on your path in this life. You may have a tendency to be vulnerable at this time and it is important that you be clear about what you wish to see happen. Cultivate wisdom and discernment in your dealings with others and be sure you know what is the motivation behind what is being offered to you.

Gaia: Libra / Air
There is an ancient and universal power at work here. Life sustains itself through constant regeneration and the harmonies of both Yin and Yang working in concert together. Though sometimes nature is extreme in its in expression, all things are brought into balance through this most universal of forces. To preserve that which is important to you balance is required. Weigh your options carefully. If you perceive a great imbalance has occurred try looking to our Earth Mother, Gaia, as a role model. Don't be afraid to whip up a storm or two if that is what is truly required.

Lilith: Scorpio / Water
Don't judge a book by its cover and don't believe everything you hear about others. Lilith, the Goddess with perhaps the ultimate bad reputation can bring insight and wisdom to your situation. While demonized by many, she also represents someone who is willing to stand confidant in their own power. Unwilling to be treated as second class she insisted on being treated as an equal. This is a time for radical change and you are its herald. A general cleansing is in order to make room for new life. Others may try to write you off as being unimportant or even attempt to "demonize" you because of the passion you bring to your beliefs, as they resist the change you represent. Don't be afraid to stand your ground.

Kali: Sagittarius / Fire
Sometimes, in order to change, our lives need a little push. In Kali's case this can seem more like an earthquake. Nature, at her most furious, is sometimes quite destructive in her role as both preserver and protector of the great balance of life. Your challenges at this time will require you to be not only focused clearly on your goals but have a willingness to bring great energy into areas where you meet resistance. Expect that what is now blocking your path will be both cunning and even forceful. Acting powerfully from your deepest inner truth will ensure your success. When the storm is over it will be time to celebrate in a big way. Unlike Kali, however, don't let your dance of joy go too far!

Hecate: Capricorn / Earth
Which way do you look? Past? Present? Future? Do you take the high road, the low road or do you just stay put? This is a time of reviewing your goals and aspirations. You will be best served when you make clear decisions about what are your priorities. Try taking a serious look at what is serving you and that which is not. Don't be afraid to let go of all that no longer serves you and, once and for all, wash your hands of it. Let it go and don't look back. A deep cleansing ritual is in order here.

Freya: Aquarius / Air
What price are you willing to pay to get what you want? What you want may seem very precious. Even irresistible. Is it worth surrendering yourself to those who would only seek to take advantage of you? I should think not! This is not a time to be influenced by bright and shiny things. Look to your deepest heart and determine what is really important to you. Use your quick mind and your wild, passionate, creative strengths to bring into your life that which is of true and lasting value.